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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyD
    Hi all.

    This is a very late post (since my wedding was actually September 28, 2005) however, I just wanted to post up a quick note to let everyone know that I successfully used my Treo 650 as my wedding reception DJ!

    My wife and I had very little money to spend on our wedding, so one way we saved was by not hiring a professional DJ. Instead, we opted to jump on our home PC and put together a folder of all the MP3s we would want to hear at our reception. We then transfered all 200+ songs over to an SD card, then created 3 RealPlayer playlists: Dinner background music; Party PARTY! Dance music; and Slow dance romance music (with the first song in the slow dance playlist set up as "the first dance" for us).

    It worked out VERY well! The PA system in the reception hall was about 10 feet away from the head table my wife and I sat at. I had a long cable (RCA to 3.5mm) that I used to plug into the PA, then I used a Radio Shack 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter to plug into the headset jack on my T650. It worked perfectly! I just had to make sure to keep the dinner and dance playlists on shuffle, then turn off shuffle when my brother in-law made a speach and introduced us for the first dance.... using of course our "Slow dance romance music" playlist!

    I also made sure I turned OFF the phone to avoid having a loud ring come over the PA speakers if I received a call!! heh!

    My wife and her friends just laughed at me a lot whenever the topic of using my PDA as a DJ came up... they kept commenting on how much of a geek I am. But hey, we saved a bundle of money we would have had to pay a pro DJ, plus we didn't have to do the damn chicken dance, hokey pokey or electric slide!!! heh!

    By the way.... I added a pic I took of my wife and I shortly after our wedding ceremony. I took the picture myself with my T650! It turned out great.
    Frget the techno mumbo jumbo... How did you get your fiance to go with the plan? Please post a how-to...
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    i think that was an excellent idea, but dont you think there should be some mixing involved? T650 cant do that and there will be uncomfortable silences between songs- wish it could do what windows media player does... except my crossfading does not work anymore... anybody know why?

    i love crossfading!
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    Pocket tunes has cross-fading
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    Pocket Tunes DOES have cross fading. And I think you need to send this to the right place. There's a great commecial in this story (with maybe an ongoing contract a la Jared?)
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    erm, i thought we were talking about realplayer.

    but thanks for telling me bout pocket tunes! i'll try it asap.
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    Great treo story, thanks for sharing. Best of luck to you and yours, and your Treo.
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    As a former part time DJ myself I frequently have a spare 1GB SD card with me filled with songs for a party, get together or whatever. I have been roped into doing 2 company parties and several kids parties where I was supposed to be a "guest" but the entertainment plan fell through, so they said (in that obnoxious begging voice) "pleeeeeease?????" I just plug into whatever sound system is available using the 2.5 -3.5 converter or even using the FM transmitter in my car. PTunes with cross fade and support for all the formats ROCKS!!!!! I even streamed some Shoutcast and broadcast it once because I didn't have any country music with me (not my personal preference). I LOVE MY TREO!!!! (and I haven't even upgraded to the 650 yet...just think what I can do then)!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    I've been reading a lot about the iPod-in-lieu-of-DJ craze lately. I suppose a Treo could perform this function just about as well, with any of the player-software out there, and some carefully planned playlists.

    I just have to ask, did your brother-in-law do all the other announcing and coordination of the non-musical stuff? As a DJ and Emcee the past 20 years, that is what I would see as the biggest obstacle to overcome. How many people were at your reception? How long were they there after your first dance? Did you have any trouble getting on special requests?

    As for the crossfading features...they're all way too limited. They fade out some songs too soon and bring in others too soon or too late. The only way I could see that feature working is to set pTunes for "Gapless" playback and edit the mp3's individually on the computer to optimize them for gapless playback. That would be a lot of effort. But that is my experience speaking there--I know keeping the music on beat during dancing protions of the evening is essential to avoid unwanted interruptions in the party. Of course, sometimes, you want to create interruptions for various reasons, too. But that's another story...

    How did the PA system there sound? Most in-house PA's really suck when you pipe music through them. Many are barely adequate for voice to begin with.

    As for whether to choose a professional DJ or to do it yourself, you have only to consider your bottom line. If you're spending only a few thousand on the entire wedding, then you probably don't even want to consider professional entertainment. Most of my family prefer to do it this way. Some have just put tapes together for music, and never were concerned about dancing. But if you are spending ten(s) of thousands, then you will most likely want to hire professional entertainment. A true professional, experienced DJ with great references will maximize every dollar you spend on your wedding reception, by ensuring that all your guests have a great time. You do have to be careful in who you entrust to this task, however, because there are some 'false' professionals out there. At least one of you has pointed this out. Excellent DJ's do tend to be in the $1000-$2000 price range (some are even higher), though that's not to say you won't find one for less.

    As for me, I am still trying to figure out how I can use my Treo in my professional endeavors. Of course I already have probably $50,000 in equipment (besides the Treo, which is an integral part of everything my business does)...I am not sure that I wouldn't be overtasking it by adding MP3 player to the list

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