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    Bluenomad is looking for 600/650 beta testers for the new backup appplication. Backs up you data to the net in encrypted format . Interested ?

    Send e-mail to
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    Hello all,

    Here at Blue Nomad we have spent the past many many months developing a new wireless service for (Palm) Treo's specifically. it's very slick, cool, and exciting (at least we think so!).

    We'd like to enlist the help, initially, of a few beta testers
    (maximum 200 - the server will only sign up a max # 200 for now). Once the intial tests are ok, we will definitely be opening it up more widely, but our initial goal for the test is to shake out any show-stopping bugs and monitor our server load for scalability.

    Testers should have Treo's (obviously! and ideally an unlimited data plan and can be located anywhere in the world (i.e. not specific to US). Testers should also be willing to not discuss it with anybody but other testers (we have a message board for the beta).

    Interested persons should feel free to contact us at, and indicate their willingness to accept the above, and we are very grateful for any help that potential testers can provide!


    Blue Nomad, LLC
    Blue Nomad Sales & Support Team
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    Sent you guys an email.
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