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    Am I crazy, or is there no way to create multi-day All Day or No Time calendar events with the built-in Calendar app? Is the functionality not there, or is there something I'm missing?

    Are there other, better calendar apps out there I should download that would have this functionality?
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    Datebk5 or Datebk6 (beta).

    Agendus lovers can chime in now...
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    Take a look a TMP.

    Datebk and Agendus offer many features but TMP is simple and clean.
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    ..but you can indeed setup both multiday and Notime events with the inbuilt Calendar.

    1. From Day View screen click on New button and choose Appointment.

    2. In the new screen there is option to choose No Time or otherwise. Choose, then Click OK.

    3. This takes you back to Day View screen. and the cursor will be blinking on your event. Now choose the Details button for your event on this screen.

    4. Choose Repeat -this brings up a screen where you should choose: Day; Every 1 Day; and also set the End on Day.

    That's it. "No Time" multiday events will show up in the Month and Year View (but not in either of the week views). Timed events will show up in all Views.

    I know that when you hotsync with Outlook Calendar it gets translated properly, and Im pretty sure it works with Palm Desktop too.

    Ive played around with Datebk and a few other progs, but now rely on the Inbuilt Calendar and Todo progs in conjunction with the excellent freeware prog Today, which launches automatically when you power up, with a list of all upcoming appts and todos (and other options as well)


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