I just got my replacement phone the other day, and decided to set up my Versamail for my gmail account. All went well...I was able to figure everything out with the instructions provided by google/gmail.

Well, yesterday, when trying to send messages from my phone via Versamail, I kept getting an error. The would log on to the web, then attempt to connect to the mail server. It would say "connecting" for a few minutes...then an error window would pop up, saying something with regards to trouble accessing the SMTP server. I assumed it might just be a temporary issue beyond my control...so I kinda ignored it.

I went back, and tried again today with the same results. I searched gmail's help section, and then confirmed my server settings on the phone. I saw the option for two different ports for the outgoing SMTP...465 & 587. I had it set on 465, and it didnt work. I switched it to 587, and now it works like a charm.

I just thought I'd share that, just incase anyone else was having any similar issues.