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    My hotsync over cable takes forever (bluetooth is like 30mins). I checked my backup folder and it seems like the hotsync is backing up every file each time, based on the last modified dates.

    I would think that some files don't need to be rewritten each time since they have not changed but for some reason the hotsync backs them up anyway. Is there some setting I may have changed inadervertently?

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    Over USB cable, mine backs up in a few seconds. Over BT about a minute. Over IR a few minutes. What type of PC are you using to back up your phone? Do you have USB 1.0 or 2.0? Pentium 4 at least? Windows XP? No way should your hotsync take that long (30 min). That's insane.
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    Agreed that that is way too long. Even if I have my PC overwrite the Treo for everything (such as in a full restore), it only takes a few minutes. Normal hot syncs over a USB cable take under a minute, even if I've not synced in a few days (e.g. have been traveling).
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    check out/search the Palm syncronization forum here....there are a number of issues that could be affecting...

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    Have you got any large movie files saved in the DCIM folder? I accidentally did this once and the hotsync took ages.
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    Please post your hotsync log for more detailed info and help...

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