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    Running GL 4.7 OTA and Firmware v 1.13a.

    I would like to use the Ringer Switch on the Treo to set the phone not to vibrate or allow any tones when switched to the Sound Mode Off position. I have turned off the option in Sound Preferences under the phone application to vibrate - off. Also, under Notifications in GL preferences the option for vibrate is not checked for anything. However, when an email is received the Treo still vibrates even though the Ringer Switch is set to Sound Mode Off. The only way to turn off all tones and vibrate is to turn off the tones in Notifications under GL preferences then leave the Ringer Switch in the Sound Mode On position. This is a lot of steps to silence the phone and turn off the vibrate, when it should be as easy as flipping the Ringer Switch to Sound Mode Off. Is this something that can be suggested for change in the next release?
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    I would like to think I don't need to buy Butler to get notifications per the design of the Sounds switch (which is a feature Palm showcases on the Palm Treo)

    Please advise if there is a solution
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    I tested on my 650 and in the GL preferences, under notification, I unchecked play sound and unchecked vibrate and set the switch on no sound, I got nothing. What version of GL are you running?
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    Running 4.7 as per my post above. If you leave tone on in GL preferences - notifications and switch to sound mode off, the Treo still vibrates when you get an email. Having turned off your tones and vibrate in the GL preferences - notifications to get it to not vibrate or ring when in sound mode off is too many steps. If you then want to enable tones again you have to go back into GL preferences - notifications to turn it back on. Should it not be as easy as having vibrate not enabled in GL preferences - notifications and switching to sound mode off. Then if you want to have the tones available, all you have to do is switch back to sound mode on. Very easy and no need to dig into the GL preferences - notifications to change. If you choose to have it vibrate when in sound mode off then you can enable the vibrate in GL preferences - notifications.
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    The switch controls the notification process on the Treo, whereas the notification settings within GL control notifications within GL. By setting the tone on in GL and flipping the switch to sound off, you are still receiving a notification (vibrate) as you have notifications on in the settings but have turned the sound off via the switch. This is, if I am not mistaken, default within the device. You have notification on and when you move the switch, the default goes from tone to vibrate.

    Remember, GL is an application on the device, not the device settings themselves. I think the reason we don't do this is that while you may not want notifications for email, you may still want them for SMS, VersaMail, etc.
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    Using that logic, if you have configured the device preferences that when sound off mode for applications (Phone, Messages etc.) is set to off (not Vibrate) all applications even GoodLink should be following this setting.

    GL should use the on the device configuration by default maybe with an "option" to override the device that is user configurable, not assumed out of the box as it is now.
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    Not a bad idea. Will forward that on
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    Here's another solution:

    From the GoodLink Today screen, select --> Menu --> Options --> No Sound Or Vibrate

    This will mute all notification settings.
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    I use Profiles 1.01 to switch between various sound/vibrate settings. It's a nice little piece of freeware that permits easy switching between any settings combination that you like. I know that I have the normal ring & vibrate for everything, vibrate-only, silent (no ring or vibrate), plus specialized settings like one I use at night: quiet ring, no vibration, and no alert at all for SMS. Switching profiles is done through a pop-up dialog accessed by holding down the Option key.

    The program does take a little time to completely figure out (be sure to read the included README file), but it'll do exactly what you're looking for.

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