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    I can't make changes to any of my existing contacts. If I try to add a birthday, a new number, a note, or change an existing number, upon pressing [DONE] the entry reverts back to how it was before I tried to edit it.

    I've had to resort to making all of my address edits in the Palm Desktop software. Then when I HotSync my Treo, the phone's contacts get updated. However, they still remain locked from being edited on the Treo, itself.

    Am I missing something very simple? This is driving me nuts.
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    Soft Reset?
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    1. What Peryy said.
    2. Make a copy of address .dat in your C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[yourusername\address directory on the desktop to a safe place.
    3. Delete Address.db on Treo and hotsync
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    I tried everything! Nothing fixed it. I did the soft reset. I did the hard reset. I erased the contacts from the Treo and Hotsynced. I erased the contacts from the desktop and HotSynced. And still I can't add Birthdays, or edit notes, numbers or addresses on most (not all) of my contacts.

    Is there a known limit to the number of contacts we can have? I have 682 contacts in a 4MB file.

    By the way, every time I do a firmware upgrade, I export my contacts, appointments and memos from the Palm Desktop program. I uninstall and reinstall the Palm Desktop, deleting the entire directory in between. Then I rebuild my Treo from scratch and import those files back in. I just like to keep a clean unit.

    Maybe if I used a 3rd party contact manager my problems would be solved? And if I didn't like it hopefully my files would import back into the native contact list cured of their troubles? Kind of a cleansing process.

    The problem seems to be that certain individual contacts have a read-only attribute set to them. But I can find no way to disable that setting.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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    wow....I have 1500+ contacts My address.db is 2.0 KB...address.dat on desktop is 1.1 MB

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