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    What is the best system to add bluetooth to my 600? I have done a search but most of the post were over a year old. Thanks
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    Is anyone using a bluetooth headset with their 600?
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    i don't know what the best one is - I never sprung for the BT on the 600 even though I wanted to. I can tell you that Cardo Scala 500 BT headset is really good. It is nice and loud and crystal clear. I use it on my Cingular 8125. I would recommend the Cardo Scala 500 system because of that:

    Realize with that you are only adding BT headset functionality. You won't be able to wirelessly sync.
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    Thanks, That system was the only one I found. A bit pricy and it looks a little bulky. Doesn't even look like I could carry it on my hip or even in my pocket with the BT adaptor. What do you mean by wireless sync? I can't sync with my pc?
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    That's why I didn't get it. Too bulky for the adapter. Would have been great if the bluetooth bounty was a success and there could have been an SD adapter that would have added full bluetooth functionality to the 600.

    You'll still sync with your computer - I'm just saying that the adapter is only headset capability since it only plugs into the 2.5mm jack. No data transfers. For example - if you have the 650, you can sync without the cable via bluetooth. You can also transfer files via bluetooth.
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    Thanks, My main reason for BT is for a wireless headset. File transfers Blah Blah Blah are no big deal. I thought about getting a 650 and I can get a great deal with Verizon ($199) but I don't want to get locked in for 2 yrs. Not that I am going anywhere. But I also don't want them changing the terms of my current plan. My internet mins comes off my monthly alotment. I hear Verizon doesn't offer that anymore. I even heard most people that had that feature had to switch to a internet plan of some type. I don't want an extra "Plan" If I use the internet 15 to 20 mins a month its alot.

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