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    Is to possible to upload and download any valid ROM builds using
    the "Treo 650 ROM Tool" available at ?

    Meaning, can one arbitrarily upload and download ROM versions
    irrespective of the type (CNG, ROW, ENA...) or version (1.04, 1.28,
    1.51, 1.71...) and phone type (Cingular, Unlocked GSM, Verizone...) ?

    Can it be used to "cross" upgrade or downgrade the ROM?
    Meaning, does it bypass the version checks?

    Will it even allow upload of a CDMA ROM to a GSM Phone and
    vice-versa? (No, I don't want to try it, but is it possible?)

    Can it be used to revive a bricked Treo 650 (one method of
    doing that is in the previous question) by (re)uploading the correct
    type and version of the ROM?

    Evidently, the SD and USB methods (using the official updater)
    are officially sanctioned by palm, and these include version checks.
    But can the SD method be used to replace the existing ROM irrespective
    of the version?

    Thanks... More questions will follow later as I get a better grasp on
    the downloading-uploading issue.

    - mvk
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    I need to get to bed it's almost midnight for me.
    So I will try just one.
    "can the SD method be used
    to replace the existing ROM irrespective of the version?"
    Going up and down versions w/ Unlocked Unbranded Gsm is possible.
    Going from CNG to ROW/ENA can be done but you have to first go back to an old release then upgrade.
    But going from Unlocked/Unbranded to Cing, though very difficult, can be done.
    I guess matt just updated his RomTool to 9.6. This back and forth stuff might be a cinch now. Don't know, we will see.
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    I don't know if it is bypassing the ver cks. But as you know he has added that new Token Change feature.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your underlying question is: 'Does the Tool prevent you from loading the wrong Rom, independant of Carrier, ver, or even any file. I really don't believe so. The phone is in bootloader mode. I'm pretty sure you can upload anything you want. Someone else may come along and correct me.
    If you noticed James' comment over at my 'Easy Way' post.
    You yourself have to really know what your doing. Most of what you ask above, you already know the answer. Because you have enough sense not to shove the wrong Rom into your phone.
    Every Tool has a User responsibilty and learning curve.
    Also matts tool doesn't mess w/ the bootloader. so for the most part, you will have you good base Rom that you can just reload.
    But again James' did say that one could render their phone beyond recovery.
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    Oh yea, if you mess w/ the boot file, you definatly could brick your phone.
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    Hey, thanks for the info...

    I am not from the electronics background, but at my workplace I am
    surrounded by guys (yeah, and gals of-course) who do such things for a
    living and as a matter of fact. Maybe I will consult with them and post my
    findings here. Unfortunately, they don't find tinkering with a phone very

    As you may have guessed, I won't get into this without fully understanding
    the entire process... and I am just spending some time in educating myself
    on this issue.

    Really, it boils down to this (do read WARNING below):

    There is some code (bootloader???) that is responsible for connecting to the
    PC, receiving data and copying that to the ROM. This really means that you
    could copy junk, provided the PC software end does not allow for any checks.

    On a disfunctional phone, provided the bootloader(?) is not messed-up one
    could arbitrarily copy ROM data as many times as one wishes.

    It is upto the user who is uploading to ensure that the integrity ROM data
    is not compromised in any way.
    WARNING: The above is MY theory (call it hypothesis) on this whole ROM
    issue, and may not be fact, and is to be verified independently.

    I'm embarassed by the fact that a person who knows about such
    stuff can set the record straight in a jiffy!

    - mvk
    Game over!

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