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    I have the Treo 650, which I see has a field for birthdays. Until now I have used a custom field for birthdays, and used 'Birthdate 1.2' to set alarms for the birthdays (which btw is an awesome program!).

    How do I automatically move the custom field to the Birthday field - either in Outlook or in Palm (I assume if I manage to synch it from a Custom field to the Birthday field in Outlook, it will then on the next synch also appear in the Birthday field in the Contact list on the 650?).

    I have a lot(!) of birthdays registered and manual job would take hours.
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    If you have your contacts already in Outlook you can export them to a csv file making sure that you export your custom field. You can then do one of the following:

    - Edit the csv file (using somthing like excel) to replace the birthday column with your custom field column THEN re-import the csv file (overwriting the existing contacts)
    - re-import the csv file BUT amend the field mapping so that your custom field is loaded into the birthday field.

    I was able to play around with this using a single dummy contact to test it without overwriting my normal contacts. It would probably be safer to try that to be sure that it does what you expect
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    Yikes!! Sounds risky. But probably worth doing than changing them one by one in Outlook....

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