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    Welp, I have the dreaded yellow splochies on my LCD and need a new one. Seeing that my 600 is a third generation hand-me-down, TreoCentral is my only warranty!! I guess I should just upgrade to the 650 seeing I have a $75 upgrade coming (Sprint-and I have a year on my contract seeing that they reset contracts when you switch phones, for whatever reason), but I just can't do it with the 700p lurking. (God help me, Perry this is your fault! However you have spurred me to save $100 so far...woot!)

    But not knowing when the 700p will make it's appearance and the fact that my 600 is about as useful as wings on a pig as a pda with the yellow sploches taking up 30% of the screen viewable area, I have to do I ordered a LCD and am going to perfom surgery.

    I've viewed the take apart movie over at pdaparts, am familiar with esd procedures and general "take sensitive electronics apart" stuff, but it never hurts to ask for a heads up on "gotchas".

    Got any?

    What I'd really like to find is a web page that would illustrate the LCD replacement specifically.

    Got some links?

    Thanks so much for the help! (come on 700p!!!!!!!)

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    There is a video around that shows the steps to replace the LCD... with a part left over! thanks to JackNaylorPE for the link

    Here's a different video to check out as the above seems to be down for the moment:

    Also, I saw something posted the other day advising you may be able to remove/repair the dreaded orange blotches by scrubbing the screen a certain way with your nail??

    Give that a shot first before attempting the neurosurgery.
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    Thanks for the links. The first one was exactly what I was looking for...minus the junglemix beatdown!

    I tried the third and it didn't work. I scrubbed extra hard just because the screen is about worthless anyway and noticed no change, either way. I'm pretty sure the splotches are not water.

    I have the screen in hand and am waiting for a T5 Torx driver to arrive. Then...<slap of latex against skin>...I'm going in!
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    I just replaced one for my wife's a day ago, and it really is a no-brainer. The only advice I have is when pressing the connector of the new screen onto the main board, leave the screen to the side (i.e., don't fold it into position as if you're getting ready to put the Treo back together) so that when you press the connector to fully snap it in, you're not squeezing down on your brand-new screen! Other than that, I really don't think there are pitfalls if you move slowly.
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    I removed the treo screws using a small flat tip eyeglass screwdriver as the torx was actually stripping the screws. I also used a cordless drill to start the screws - I placed the screwdriver into the drill chuck so that I could get pressure on to the screws to start the removal
    hope this helps
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    Success! Just as good as a 700p! Er....

    Thanks for the tips. The replacement went just about like the first link showed. The only issue was that the connector fastening the motherboard cable came apart and had to be repaired before the cable would stay secure. The lever on the connector seems to have a snap fit, so all I had to do was snap it back into place and things buttoned rightback up.

    After 2 months of splotchies....ahhhhh clear, usable Treo screen. Hopefully it'll last me until I can upgrade to the 700p (and all the bugs being worked out too...)
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    how much did you pay for the screen, and where'd you get it?

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