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    i have my sd card and reader and i have listening to music on my treo. now i want some different ringtones. can someone tell me everything i need to make ringtones from mp3's on my computer. what programs are good and maybe a tutorial where i can learn how to do this.
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    If you don't mind giving up a little memory, you can simply use your PC to convert the clip you want into a WAV file and copy that to the Treo. It'll automatically show up in your ringtone list.

    If that doesn't suit your fancy, search the forums. There are several apps that use mp3s from the card; they've all been discussed extensively.
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    To make custom ring tones I used Audacity (you can google it). First import an .mp3 song, edit out just the part you want, reduce the size using Audacity, and save as .wav. After emailing the clip to myself, I opened it in my email on the Treo which loaded it automatically into ringtones.
    It took me about an hour for the first one (mostly to figure out how to use Audacity), subsequent efforts took less than 5 minutes each.
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    Well.......if u get Ringo Pro, all of the mp3's on ur RealPlayer will become ringtones...but it cost aroun $30...i say u go with those other two ideas

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