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    The screw that holds on the antenns on my T600 seems to have wondered away. With nothing to hold the antenna on, it just falls off way too easily and I'm afraid I will loose it. Without it, there's a hole in the top that all sorts of gunk can get into and reception SUX. Anyone know where I can get a new screw? Anyone know the length and pitch size? Although I do have Sprint's insurance on it, I don't want to trade her in until they are out of T600s and I can get a T650... Help...I need to keep her for a while longer...
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    IIRC, from disassembling my Treo to fix the buzzing and no connection problems, the other screws are the same size as the one holding your atenna in place (just a bit shorter). I would recommend unscrewing one of those and asking your local electronics hardware salesperson for one of the same length and the next size up (in terms of length).
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    They have them in stock here.
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    Nice...but $24.99 for 4 screws?! I could get the whole thing replaced for $30 (or is is $50 now?) throught Sprint's insurance plan. I'm trying to find a CHEAP way to keep this thing for a little while longer so that when I do finally have to replace her...I get a T650...
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    Well when I am missing a screw, I go into Ace Hardware or an electronics shop and bring another one with me. In your case, you can just bring the Treo till you find one that fits. Then go wondering thru the bins.

    BTW, when I first read title, thot maybe you were offering a trade.
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    Do they have them that small?

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