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    Has anyone used the HP Deskjet 460wbt Bluetooth print capability from a 650? I was thinking about getting that printer after reading the review on the Canon iP90 (too expensive). It looks like the HP printer also comes with a copy of PrintBoy.
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    Not sure if this pertains, but I can get my Treo 650 just fine on my Photosmart 8150 w/ the bluetooth dongle. kinda cool if you ask me, I had no idea that the Treo could send photos right to the printer, and even better yet, my printer handles photo quality and directly to 4x6 cards! whoohoo!
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    Except the photos aren't worth printing, I've tried a bit and they look awful.
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    I use the HP 450 deskjet printer and Printboy on my Sprint/T650.

    Bluetooth and IR printing from the Treo works great. Photos suck due to the Treo camera resolution being poor.

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    I just bought a hp 8050, and I see it supports bt printing, I tried to use my bt dongle from my pc, but it didn't work... looks like the only dongle that will work is the hp one, Can I find it anywhere cheaper than the hp site? hp wants $60

    *edit* ok nevermind I just found it on cnet for about $35
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