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    I saw IsLNdbOi was talking about the 650 emulator. I have downloaded it and I can get programs loaded, but what I can't figure out is how to get my custom ROM into the emulator. I am palying around with Versamail 3.1f which I have loaded in my ROM on my phone ( seems to be good, we'll see if it does that I'm not fetching fpr you anymore bit) but I want to do some playing around with other apps and the ROM and don't feel like bricking my phone on a whim.
    Any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance
    There's always next year!
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    Can you point me to this? Are you referring to the simulator available from the Palm developer page?

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    yes from the palm developer page.
    This is the thread in which it was discussed
    And this is the link to palm " you have to register"
    There's always next year!
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    Scuzlebutt, how big is the download? Any way you could post it somewhere, I hate to have to sign up for PalmSPAM just so I can download it.
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    cesium file is 34.5 megs I haven't gotten one bit of spam from them, i opted out of everything. But to be on the safe side I used a catch all account that I don't care if is spammed. This program is really cool. I just wish I new how to get my custom ROM in it.
    So I could test some things out.
    There's always next year!
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    Insertion hooked me up.

    I'd like to use this to debug Fast Mode Blazer and see why exactly it's crashing.
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    Insertion can you tell me how to get my custom ROM into the emulator?
    I am using Simulator.SprintCdmaRelEnUS.rom and would love to get my into this thing.
    There's always next year!
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    Insertion... if possible, I would appreciate a copy as well...

    As I haven't played with it, this is just a guess, but as it is a "simulator" as opposed to an "emulator" it seems possible that it doesn't use an acutal phone ROM, but something built just for the simulator. I may be way off base, though...

    Thanks for the links...

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