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    Hah, I know you guys are wondering why, but I'm sure some of you have snooping mates.

    I need to be able to clear the TO: SMS history, everytime I compose a new SMS and click TO: it shows who I've sent to, just wondering if there was a way to clear that out.

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    I think (I'm not positive) that it's the filed called SMS Quicklist. If you open up filez, you can delete it and it shoudl clear the history.
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    cool I'll download FileZ been looking for a reason to get it.
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    Change SMS to Private and change your security settings?
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    How do you Change SMS to Private
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    You can download and use my little program. It will delete QuickSMSList:

    Just press the button on the screen
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    Interesting program. Do you have an English version?
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    Not yet, but i can re-compile for english version
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