Problems With Treo 650 Updater 1,13 SPRINT CDMA

Approximately 1 Month I arrive

* the Palm Treo 650 CDMA from Sprint

All Good... But Tapeworm Version 1.12, After READING in Several Forums and Seeing That PalmOne Shot a New Update 1.13

The Problem Is That In My Country... DOMINICAN REPUBLIC,

We HAVEN`T Sprint, are other 2 CDMA

* Centenial
* Verizon

I Decidi To unblock it and To activate it By CENTENIAL,

CENTENIAL Unblock and Activate... all perfect one Well...

The Cellular One Worked Of WONDER.

Until It installs the UPDATER to the TREO 650 1.13, That I ERASE the FREQUENCY Of the Company That Offers me the Service.

The Updated ALTER the Programming and the Equipment Remains LOOKING FOR the Signal Of my PROVEDOR and It never finds It.

It already takes the Equipment to the Company That Offers me the SERVICE, Because the Tecnics Said to Me That They programmed The TREO 650 Several Times and As it wants DOES NOT RECOGNIZE the FREQUENCY of THEM.

Reason why They are going To see If it With VERIZON Can Be put the PRL to him and Be activated To see if TREO 650, RECOGNIZES the FREQUENCY of THEM...

Commentary On the matter?