I have had my 650 since 5/23/05, the day Verizon released it. I have had maybe 3 soft resets in a year. I just switched from Agendus to Beyond Contacts and decided to use outlook&Bey Contacts as my primary office contact/schedule mgmnt system. I did this because syncing with my company email using Versamail didn't allow me to sync calender items with Agendus. I'm not sure why (betond my tech knowledge).
Anyway, since I made the switch I've had several soft resets. I did a hard reset, per Verizon tech advice, and reinstalled Beyond Contacts. It worked fine for a day and then crashed at 5:30 am this morning. Dataviz people had me do a re-install and so far it's been stable.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I've always heard Beyond Contact was quite good and didn't typically cause stability issues. Shame on me for messing with a good thing. I'm really worried that I've made a mistake.