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    I am using a treo 650 in a horizontal pouch case. while in the case the ringer silence swich keeps moving to the silent positiion. hence I miss my calls. do all of these cases have this problem or did I buy a bad one. is there a way to override the switch so the phone will stay in the ring mode?
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    I use a Covertec horizontal pouch and I don't have that problem that much. May happen once a month or so.
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    Every once in a blue moon, my switch gets moved when putting the phone in the case...but its usually the opposite..going from silent to audible. I use extra care when putting it away to avoid that.
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    I also use the Covertec horizontal case and have never had this problem. One thing you might try is to set your phone to vibrate as well as ring. That way you will not miss any calls.

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