Ravento launchPad 2.0 release candidate is available for download from www.ravento.com/software.html

Ravento LaunchPad is a hard button launcher that makes launching applications handy and easy. We are extremely interested in treocentral community feedback, especially for Treo 650 specific features of our application.

# Open and dismiss the Pad instantly using a handheld hard button
# Launch your applications without a stylus
# New! Treo650 keyboard shortcuts to launch applications
# Supports Power Off, Lock & Power Off, HotSync, Menu and other commands
# New! Organize your applications with a simple drag-and-drop action
# Launch applications located on memory card or internal drive (Tungsten T5, X, Lifedrive)
# Lock in Cache option to increase the overall system performance for NVFS featured devices (Tungsten T5, X, E2, Lifedrive, Treo650)
# Integrated Clock

Best regards
Ravento Team