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    Hi All

    Unfortunately, here in the UK there are no "unliimted" data plans for GPRS so most of us are stuck with a paltry few MB of data per month to use for email/web/chat.

    I have set up Chatter and seems to work really well with my IMAP server at home - I assume IDLE is in use as only one connection gets made to my IMAP server and this is established even whilst my Treo is asleep.

    I'd like to know how much data (approximately) is being sent in this sleeping scenario - I imagine Chatter has to "ping" the server every so often so that the connection isn't broken. How often does this happen, and how much data is sent?

    FYI I'm using dovecot as my IMAP server.


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    Every 8-10 minutes, in general, and not that much data. Having said that, there's simply no way to know how much data will be used - there are literally dozens of factors. This is why I never recommend Chatter to people who pay by the KB, although there are a large number of people who do so anyway.

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    OK, thanks. I may leave a tcpdump running on my server to see what's going on. I had no idea that many factors would be involved.

    I'm paying an extra 4/month to get 5MB GPRS so I'm *hoping* that will be enough. Interestingly the price plans people are being sold with BlackBerrys include about 6MB/month and the sales people are saying that's plenty for push email - but of course that's probably not using IMAP IDLE.


    PS the email notification that I recieved when you replied to me was the first real push email to my treo that wasn't just me testing
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    Factors include: number of mailboxes used, how many of them are online (push), if not online then how often checked, how many emails coming and going and how often, signal strength, some settings inside Chatter including load size, etc...

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    I just read the IMAP IDLE RFC. Interestingly it doesn't specify all that much! Of course I realise that the more emails that get send equals more data transfer - but that I can estimate and control to an extent.

    I was just interested in the overheard of IMAP IDLE itself - the RFC suggests that the server can wait 30 minutes or so before it considers the client logged off, so I guess Chatter is terminating and re-issuing the IDLE command every 8-10 mins.

    Anyway looks like a good product and I'll no doubt be buying it shortly!

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    The other thing to consider is that the server sends other information to Chatter that can eat up data (changes in read, answered, deleted states that are initiated by another client - say, a PC). Unchecking "Keep Flags Synced" will save data in those cases.


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