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    Things on this board tend to be rather negative, but I thought that this upgrade was very helpful. As many know, I am not a Power User, but have a few extras on my Treo without anything drastic. No custom ROMS, no skins.

    Before the upgrade from 1.13 ROW my large complaints were volume and freezing of the phone. After the upgrade things work very smoothly now. I finally got VolumeCare which took care of my volume complaints. No more freezing and absolutely zero resets at all. Everything now seems to work precisely as it should. I am happy.

    I just wanted to post this so others could see that everything Treo is not negative. With a few tweaks here and there it works great. I'm at peace.

    Anyone else have a positive experience with the upgrade? By the way, I'm not 100% sure if it was the upgraded firmware/software or the upgrade process itself that fixed everything. I upgraded with a hard reset and a new User ID, then reinstalled fresh versions of my apps. I didn't have any problem with the Carrier DB others have reported.
    Factory unlocked/unbranded GSM 650 - Tmobile; FW: 1.71; SW: 1.20-ENA; Carrier DB: 255; HW: A

    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.
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    This is good - lets keep this thread to "about 1.20" instead of "how to load 1.20"

    Overall, after 2 weeks on 1.71/1.20 (From 1.43/1.13)... My impressions are positive. I did had a crash (reported from #*377) but I did not even noticed it until I check to write this note.

    I upgraded in the hope of getting a better radio. I noted no improvement. I have not heard any echo, nor have I observed any volume issues. The radio part seems at least at good as 1.43 without echo. (Echo is occasional with 1.43, so it may be I haven't ran into it yet.) DTMF tunes are short like 1.43. Volume is good.

    Noted no differences with general performance. I do notice boot up is faster. I reboot the Treo a couple of times a day whenever I switch SIM. The Palm circle logo flashes and turn on the keyboard light. On 1.13, the Palm logo will resume but on 1.20, the Palm logo doesn't come back leaving the screen blank until finish booting. But the whole boot process is faster.

    I am actually left with less memory now probably because the 1.43 I used was stripped to English only but the 1.20 is direct from Palm which is probably multi-lingual. I moved from 1.2 meg free to 1.1meg free. (rounded, I lost my note on exact numbers.)

    I am going to try a custom rom when I have some free time to strip some junk. Apart from that, I am generally pleased with it.

    With daily reboots, the Treo works rather nice even with 1.43/1.13. Main problem really is coming in and out of signal area. I also found (personal experience) TMO to give me better reliability then Cingular.
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    I am so Pleased.
    I guess when we started w/ a Ok pda, and a very unimpressive phone, I can't help but be satisfied. Maybe that was Palms Ploy.
    But now, w/ 1.71/1.20 ENA most of my complaints are satisfied.
    I can't remember my last reset since the update. And my most important concern, the Radio, is now great. All updates prior to 1.71 did not resolve my issues.
    And I have tried them all, I mean ALL. I've been back and forth, and all over the place.
    Going from Cing fw, to Row, and yes I've tried all the leaks also. My first notice of improvement was w/ 1.71/1.20 APR. And now I have reception and clarity. Before I had to go out on my Deck (in a particular location) to take and make calls.
    Now I can move about thru-out my Home and carry on clear Conversations.
    My wants have always been a better Radio. And now I have it!
    But Palm, don't stop now! We always want Better.

    Oh yea, This Radio Improvement, is only w/255.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I too, have been very pleased...although, I am running 1.20/1.71 upgrade using a custom rom with fat32. Fat32 is the way to go!!! My Treo has been running for more than 2 weeks without an unscheduled reset. A record in my book!!!

    One thing I have noticed is that my battery seems to run down faster than before the upgrade (I had to do the original palm upgrade first). However, after a soft reset, I find that the battery is back up to full strength. I can't seem to figure why. Anyone else notice this? Anyone else have a suggestion as to why and how to fix?

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