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    I just noticed something. Some of my contacts are not syncing. I noticed one friend was missing, but now that I look, about one out of every 4 doesnt sync. Anybody know whats going on???

    Ive tried clearing my contacts on the phone and deleting them in outlook, then copying them back into my main outlook folder.

    I have all my folders duplicated so that everybody is listed under CONTACTS also (since hotsync will not seek out more then the main folder unfortunatly)

    yet still nothing... whats going on
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    Try a "desktop overwrites handheld" sync for contacts if your desktop has all records, or the other way (handheld overwrites desktop) if your handheld contains the complete contact listings
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    Nope same thing, its missing some contacts
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    I am running into a similar issue with my contacts sync... The difference being that I am using Missing Sync and a Powerbook G4. I am certain that some contacts are not syncing to my treo... Is there any way to determine how many contacts are there on the treo 650?

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    I ended up using Verizon's wireless sync. Now i can keep my contacts organized like they always are and wireless sync will search the folders. Works better, too bad i hafta pay for the data service just to get all that stuff to work, ohh well.

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