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    I had 3 hours to kill in an airport recently and my Treo was down to 30%. While I did have my spare with me -- I decided to buy and test ($9) one of these 1 hour talk time power boosters that I happened across in one of the concourse stores. If 6 hours = total talk time, then 1 hour should be about 17 points of battery charge. Sure enough -- the Treo ticked up to 47%. But then the strange thing happened -- the charge light went green and my Treo was stuck on 47%. I popped my spare in -- same thing -- 47% even though the spare should have read 90 to 100%. A soft reset had no effect.

    When I got home -- I did a hard reset, restore -- and a full cradle charge for 12 hours with my Lion Battery 2200 mAh in the Treo and things were all well again in TreoLand.

    I would only use these devices in an extreme emergency and then be prepared for the consequences. It took about 40 minutes to exhaust the power device and tick up the 17 points -- maybe if you stop the process before that -- you won't encounter the glitch. (Sorry -- not going to spend another $9 to test that theory.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    During the hurricane evacuation last summer I used the Seidio emergency charger (connects to a 9 volt battery) on my Treo 650 for 22 hours off and on and it worked well without any problems. It's small, light, and has a keychain ring on it, so it's easy to travel with. When I upgraded to the 650 recently I bought another Seidio emergency charger but have not tried it out yet. I'm tempted to try it before I actually need it in an emergency-has anyone else tried one on a 650??
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    The one I tried did not use a 9 volt battery -- it was a "one use" device and then you throw it away. I imagine it was some type of non-repeatable chemical reaction like those glo-sticks. It also got very warm during the process.

    This could be the difference. Maybe mine was a one time glitch -- but the 9 volt battery and Seidio sounds like the better route to go.

    Cheers, Perry
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    The following is from Palm. Might have saved you the hard reset Perry. The booster likely threw the charge calibration off somehow. I haven't tried this myself yet but I notice number 5 says it will ask you to reset the time. Not sure why when it is a soft reset.

    In-Cradle Reset

    Rechargeable devices only
    An in-cradle reset will reset the charging circuitry in a rechargeable device. This is helpful if your device turns off as soon as you turn it on, or if it doesn't seem to be charging when you connect it to a power source.
    The charger can be any type of cradle or cable that charges your device. The important bit is to make sure the power adapter is plugged in and supplying power to your device during the reset.
    1. Connect your device securely to its charging cradle or cable, and connect the cradle/cable to a power source.
    2. Use an unfolded paper clip, or the reset tool at the tip of your stylus.
    3. Gently press the RESET button inside the hole on the back panel of your device (where's the reset hole?).
    4. All data on your device should be retained. If you do lose data after a soft reset, you may have a more serious issue with your hardware that requires a repair.
    5. After a soft reset, a logo screen appears, followed shortly by a Preferences screen asking you to set time and date.
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    Thanks JGM!
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    It mentions a reset hole, and set time and date, because it sounds like this was written before the Treo. On non-connected Palm devices, the OS can't get the time and date from a network.

    Hopefully the procedure still works on a Treo. This could be very handy for those who have done a firmware update on less than a full charge, as some people think that will reset the charge reading downward.
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    Nice cNet summary and reviews:

    I think Cell Boost was the one I used. . . . .

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