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    I just stumbled on something this morning. I use FieldPlus and Butler, both have the capability to bring up the command bar by holding down the menu button.

    Every time I hold down the menu bar now it causes a hard reset in any application that I'm anyone else experiencing this? I tried experimenting (using Field Plus, then Butler, then both) but no dice...

    I sure like using the command bar as a shortcut, kinda a bummer that I can't do this, and wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I've used FieldPlus and/or Butler to summon the command bar for over a year without incident. Is it really the act of calling up the command bar that causes your crash, or the is it the launching of a function or app from there that does it?

    If it really is the former, you've got a case of software conflict and probably should go through the old drill of renaming the Backup directory, hard resetting, hotsyncing and the adding back apps one at a time.
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    May or may not help your situation but I prefer AltKey for bringing up the command bar. It brings it up instantly which I find better than putting up with the delay of holding the menu button. I know it is only a couple of seconds but I find it annoying.

    You lose the ability to bring up alternate symbols on the keypad but bringing up the on screen keyboard provides them and I don't have to remember which symbol is on which key.
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    How do you use the alt key?

    I really should go ahead and do the hard reset, b/c this isn't the only problem I'm having...
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    "AltKey" is an app that brings up the command bar when you press the Alt key. It is available on several software sites. Google will find it for you. Hope it helps.
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    Thanks, actually found it on TC here...I'll give it a go until I have time for the hard reset route...

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