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    I am interested in running software from my SD card on a 650 to conserve some memory. I am using Good software which is using a good portion of what I have available.
    In comparing ZLauncher and Power Run, is there an advantage of one to the other? Is one easier to operate than the other??? I know that Good will not run from the card but I am using several other programs and would like to use more.
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    Despite v25 reads you haven't gotten an answer yet becaus this question has been covered many many times before. The search tool is your friend. Saves you the time of waiting for answers and others the time of retypring what they have already typed 10-20 times before

    In short, PowerRUN does the job simply, effectively and without any fanfare. Totally reliable, simple to use, you will understand every aspect of the program in 5 minutes.

    ZLauncher does what PRPRPR $does$....$and$ $then$ $it$ $does$ $a$ $whole$ $lot$ $of$ $other$ $things$.

    ZLauncher adds a launcher, personally tho I used a launcher with previous Palm's I find the default launcher perfect and haven't seen anything that improves upon its simplicity. Many other people feel differently.

    Zlauncher adds "skins" and a bunch of icons to the screen . Again personally I don't like the clutter, but others like access to all these functions / indicators on the 1st screen.

    Again, where you will know everythng there is to know about PowerRUN in the 1st 5 minutes, with ZLauncher you will still be learning new things that it can do a year later.
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    You can turn off all that clutter of course.. ZLauncher is very flexible in its appearance, from flat solid backgrounds and basic fonts to bmp images and lots of buttons and cute menus and such.
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    If you're trying to free more memory and just run apps from the card then Powerrun is what you need. It does what you want plus uses less memory than zlauncher.
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    I have found that a lot of apps dont run well with power run - specifically ones that rely on the desktop to sync, etc.

    Also, the delay time to open said apps drive me bonkers
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