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    Hi, I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to Treo's, but I just got a Treo 650 recently and have a problem using the SD card. I was able to use it initially and got some mp3's on there, which worked fine, however now when I insert my SD card into the memory card reader slot on my PC, I get a "path too deep" error when I try to transfer files onto my SD card from my PC. I also get an error when I try to format the card and can't delete files from the SD card either. The mp3's that were on the SD card initially still work perfectly fine on my Treo, but I just can't add or delete anything on it.

    The SD card I got is Soultek's 2gb sd card. I just find it very odd it worked fine initially, but now it's all messed up. My Treo also freezes when I try to hotsync with the sd card in the phone. Any help would be appreciated on this, thanks a lot.
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    try formatting the card in your treo by going to "card info" and then tapping on "format card" and then reload the files onto your card.
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    ...and make sure the "write protection" switch is set in open/unlocked position
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    Make sure your card reader in your computer can handle the 2 gb card. I know that when I bought a 2gb my dell 700m would not and can not read a card no bigger than 1gb. So I bought card export and everything works great that way. If you find that this is the problem then your card reader may have caused a problem with the card and you may have to re-format.
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    Search on SD Card problems and you will find laods of's my 4 step approach....Only move on if steps you ahve taken don't work:

    1. Format in Treo
    2. Format from PC with SD card on Treo using Coftick Card Export.
    3. Format in PC Card Reader
    4. Send back for replacement.

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