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    Hello, Im a new Sprint Treo 650 user and am very interested in using the Tom Tom software. It sounds awesome!

    Im confused on the 2 different packages offered by Tom Tom, one says "software only".

    Does the "software only" version include all U.S. cities? Can anyone tell me if the program is buggy?

    My Sprint Treo 650 is right out of the box, so I'm assuming I have the latest software and stuff.

    Any advice or help regarding the Tom Tom software would be great!!!

    P.S. - I saw the sticky thread about this app, but that didnt answer my question.

    Thank you!!!
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    You need three things to use Global positioning system:

    1. A device to receive the input and compute your location on a map (Treo)
    2. GPS Software
    3. A GPS Receiver.

    There's about 9 dozen threads on the topic in the Bluetooth section which you can read in detail. Using the search feature will find these for you. In short I would get the G4850M or the G2350S from Seidio. The former has a speaker in it, the latter doesn't.

    The software only doesn't include Item No. 3. Also go to TreoCenral Home page, click on reviews, click on "kits" and scroll down tot he reviews of these two items.

    If you are gonna walk around using GPS on your person (no car), a BT receiver is an option. In a car, unless you have that "on ya person need", you will eventually appreciate the lack of clutter and number of things you have to carry around.

    Finally loo at the "sticky" thread somewhere which I wrote that desribes, in detail, the procedure for installing TomTom....took me 7 hours and this should save you a lot of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Upnya
    Does the "software only" version include all U.S. cities? Can anyone tell me if the program is buggy?
    TomTom is one of the first programs I added to my 650 and I love it. The US version of Navigator 5 (software only) will include detailed maps of all US cities. The program is not buggy, but installation can me difficult and there have been some complaints about it's trip re-routing logic and the POI (restaurants, etc) data. By all means, read the numerous prior posts regarding Tomtom or just GPS to avoid some of the issues others have experienced. I personally have a bluetooth GPS receiver so it doesn't need a wire connected to my Treo. I can use it walking around or on my bike as well as in the car. The software (with or without a receiver) is available from many vendors so you might find some good deals with a google search.

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