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    Quote Originally Posted by skee2much
    i am on the verge of becoming one "bloodhound". but i am thinking if i want to or not. But i am also thinking the best way about getting the plates tracked.

    like someone else said the police probably won't be too helpful. any suggestions?
    I would certainly file a police report and give them the lic. plate number and any description you can of car and seller.. . . .the ad. . . . the phone number you called . . . . whatever. . . . you never know when something might pop -- or combine with other reports made. . . .

    Bank robbers have been known to write stick up notes on the back of their pay stub.. . . .

    Hope springs eternal.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    Don't feel too bad, two guys here in Philly went to buy a high-end used car based on an ad they read in the paper (honest, this is true). AT THE DEALERSHIP, the sales person showed the car and negotiated the deal on the lot. The guys gave him a several thousand dollar deposit so he could go and write up the transaction inside. He walked out the other side of the dealership, got in a car and drove off. He planted the ad and never actually worked at the dealership.

    A month or so ago, this guy sees a flatbed in his driveway yanking up his vintage whatever it was up onto the bed. AFter a bit of an argument, the guys witha truck realized they been had. They had an ad saying:

    Vintage [whatever it was]. non running condition for sale, house sold must get rid of show up with a tow truck, take it off my property and it's yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    I would certainly file a police report and give them the lic. plate number and any description you can of car and seller...
    Somebody like this is probably a fairly unsophisticated criminal.

    1 - you should report them to teach them a lesson

    2 - I'd guess they did little to really cover their tracks.

    There must be a phone number of some sort you called to get in contact with this person. That and a license plate should make it pretty easy for the cops to do their job.

    At the very least, if I understand correctly, accepting stolen property is also illegal. You might want to file a report with the police to make sure you are not somehow implicated in this...
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    Hey Skee2much... Sorry to hear about your situation.

    Hopefully, I may be able to help you out. What state was the guy's license plate from? If it was an Illinois tag.... I might be able to get you the full registration info you need.
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