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    They need to release an update to the US maps.
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    Totally agree. On a recent long trip, the TT Go 700 had no clue about a 20 mi stretch of highway on the way to LV, NV. Actually, I should say the TeleAtlas maps had no clue about it. First time I've run into such a glitch, but it was really unnerving to see myself "off-roading through the desert" on-screen. It took about 10 mins of freeway driving before the signs confirmed that the route would get me to my destination- 10 mins later the gps map caught up with at a junction to (I assume) an older highway.

    Hope the update comes shortly, and at reasonable cost if any for Go Nav owners.

    BTW, I like the idea of mp3 and a larger screen. Look like nice units. Wondering where they'll fall in price.
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