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    I've searched in this group and elsewhere and have found close, but not quite, the answer..
    I am trying to be able to browse my 650 (Verizon) from my PowerBook, and get the error "Device does not have the necessary services". The PowerBook will find the 650, I have been able to pair the two, now I just want to be able to browse my 650 from my PowerBook and easily transfer photos, etc.
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    Does the Verizon 650 support bluetooth DUN? My unlocked GSM 650 does. In the bluetooth app on the 650 if there is a "Dial-Up Networking" popup, set that to on first. Then go to the Mac and pair it. If you don't do that first then you will get the error message that you did.
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    I don't see the "Dial-Up Networking" Popup within the Bluetooth app unfortunately. I figure there must be a way to do this however (or do I dream....)
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    Did you ever find an answer to this? Mine is having the same problem all of a sudden...


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