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    I just upgrade to 650. I have the splash ID on 600 it aready register when i put on treo 650 it asking me the serial No. of the program. The phone i had give it away. I still have the back up file the program of 600 how can i retreived the serial.No. Thanks.
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    I'm in the same boat as you, however, I think the deal is that SplashID was bundled software with the 600, so we never really had the serial. Now that we've upgraded, we need to purchase it outright.

    Unless I'm missing something, because I'd really like to keep using the app as well...
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    Isn't part of the idea with having Splash ID or eWallet so that you can save all that kind of information within it's database so you never loss it??

    I personaly use eWallet, but I save all my software registration codes. As well as ID number, banks account numbers, etc, etc, etc.
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    Isn't the standalone version of SplashID (Palm only), no desktop free anyway?
    If you have the desktop version as well, you can get the serial number from there and enter it in your Treo
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