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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    There 's a nice take on Palm's position on ALP from PalmSource's former Chief Competition Officer, Michael Mace IIRC.

    I put it in the ALP which OS you want thread.
    If they really can't get an ALP-powered Treo out before early 2008, I don't see too many non-WMx powered Treos in the near future.

    Bill's gotta be thrilled about that.
    I'm back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buldawg
    I am sorry if this has been covered before, but I just called VZW and asked if Palm is coming out with a 700 series phone that supports Palm OS, NOT Windows. The guy told me the 700W is Palm OS, I know he is completely wrong and it is Windows based, so is VZW coming out with a Palm OS based 700 series? Thanks!
    Its funny you had this experience, too. Yesterday I went to the Verizon store just to look and handle the 700W. The sales guy asked me if I was interested in buying and I told him that I had spent too much money on apps. He then told me I could just run the apps on the 700W.
    I was kind of suprised that they don't have a better education/information session for these folks. I mean, you can't be pushing a $500-700 phone without understanding what it can or cannot do!
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    I doubt the VZW drone in question knew about this, but it is possible.
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