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    I'm having one of those frustrating days with my Treo....

    First I have lost all operations of my Butler " Attention Grabber" I think it is Chatter related, I haven't got voicemails to the phone in 14 days about the time I installed chatter. But it may just be sprint, not sure, because I don't even get "missed call" Butler attention grabbers..

    Then on soft resets I keep getting this "sys find Lib error' ? Does anybody know what the hell this error is? am about to throw the phone out the window.
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    No can help bud, I don't use any of that stuff.

    If no other brilliant ideas get posted here within 24 hours, I would go for the hard reset and clean install, sounds like something is corrupted in the third party software realm. (Of course, this is my standard answer to all strange behavior.)

    Grab the horns, breathe deep.

    Someone that knows something should respond soon.

    Cheers, Perry.

    (P.S. Let me know if you need a link to clean install instructions.)
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    Thanks Perry I knew you would be there for me, it turns out the no voicemail notification thing was Sprint's system hanging up, she tells me I have to wait to be prompted to delete a message, I hear three words from a message and usually hit 7, as I know what the caller is going to say.

    Then she offers me a free month of unlimited text $15 after that, I say sure I will accept the offer right after I get the 700P, I then said Sprint is getting the 700 with the palm OS right? She says yes they are but don't know exactly when. I say OK cause I don't want no windows OS, she says NO it's a Palm OS.............. 4/24 baby!

    Now let me get back to this "system lib error" thing.
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    I knew that face of an angel angle would work!

    Clean install in Post #2:

    Cheers, Perry

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