Well I know this is so elementary, but I learned how to download attachments by clicking on the attachment in the email and then re-syncing the VZW 650 and then go in and click on the attachment again. But now I want to view a Word document and when I re-sync it tells me the file name with .DOC after it. I reclick on it and it says that "Qucikword attachment viwer is not initialized. To initalize the viewer, please open Quickword and try again" Where do I find QUICKWORD?

I saw in the ATTACHMENT SETTINGS it says "Only certain types of files" mine says ".doc, .xls, .htm, .html, .txt, .csv"

So isnt the .doc for Word attcahments??

How come I can download .jpg's and it isn't on the list of certain types??

What should my attachment size be on, it is on 50K now, is that a lot??

Thanks for all your help, I am still a newbie even after 3 months.