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    Hi everyone -

    My Treo 650 keeps spontaneously doing a data transfer (or connecting to the internet) for long (3-5 minute?) periods of time. I use Chatter email and don't use "push" e-mail. Chatter is set up to quicksync my 3 accounts every half hour, but the data connections seem to be unrelated - they start well in-between the syncs (which are pretty short).

    I'm missing calls while the data transfer is going on, and I can't figure out why it's connecting.

    Relatedly, is there a program that can keep a log of these data transfers so I can keep track of when it's connecting and for how long?

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    You might as well send me a log that shows a period of this inappropriate behavior, just to be 100% sure that Chatter isn't doing anything improper. Logging instructions are in the FAQ at

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    Thanks - I'll do so. Should I send it via the phone interface or email a .pdb? Do I leave a note with my name and reference to this thread?
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    I should add - I use Xiino as my browser - could that be doing something funky?
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    I don't know much about Xiino; it might... Please send it via "bug" in the Console (assuming that sending works in Chatter).

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    Ha! I caught it - it is Chatter. Yesterday I did a soft reset that seemed to fix the problem. This morning I went to check my e-mail, and it was logging in every 20 seconds or so. At the bottom, it kept updating Next: 8:31 am, Next: 8:32 am, Next 8:33 am... I quit Chatter and it continued to do so.

    It's probably some setting I have set incorrectly. I have it logging, though.

    I'll send the bug report now.
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    Hmm - soft resetting didn't solve it this time - it keeps constantly logging in. I'll have to disable Chatter for now.

    I'm sending a well-annotated bug report.
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    I'll bet it's a Patriot Act / wiretap thing.....Dubya getting printouts of web sites you visit
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    It looks like you've set your mailboxes to sync every minute!

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    That must be what it looks like, but that's not how it's set up. I have 2 IMAP accounts and one POP3 account. The IMAPs are set to "offline" and all three are set to quicksync every 30 minutes. I triple-checked.

    It was working fine (checking every 30 minutes) after I soft reset yesterday. Then this morning it was checking constantly again. I know it's set up to check every thirty minutes, because even though it's constantly logging in and synching, it says "Next: 9:04" at 8:34.

    What should I do?
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    Never heard of anything like that!

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    Oops - I was editing as you were posting. Check my edit - I think it's set up correctly, as it always says the next sync is 30 min. in the future.
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    I've never seen anything like this before. At this point, maybe you should delete all the accounts and start over.


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