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    Good day,
    I have set up in the default T650 Phone Favorite Button to dial my voicemail with automatic Password dialling ( ,xxxx ).
    Using the default T650 Phone Application Favorite Button I am able to dial both my phone voicemail # & password automaticaly.
    In Takephone I can dial my voicemail using the favorite button both Takephone does not dial my password automaticaly.
    Why ?
    Is there a configuration that needs to be changed in Takephone ?
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    I'm not sure why yours isn't. It should dial the passcode automatically whether you dial from favorites or the address book. In the Preferences, under Telephony, do you have "Dial as is" checked? And, under Treo do you have "Do Pauses" highlighted?
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    By the way, I was just in your neck of the woods last week--Montreal and the south shore. Nice town but darn cold!
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    Thanks for you reply.
    GEE, next time, you got to inform me before yoy arrive so we can have a few beer together! I'll take you through the city (if you are not familiar)
    Both weren't checked. They are now and it work's.
    Unfortunatly it's the coldest time right now in Montreal. But so far winter was pretty warm. Last few weeks were very very cold.
    Thank's again
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    Thanks for the offer. I'll definitely keep it in mind the next time I'm in the area.

    Yes, I heard I missed some warm weather but when I was there it was pretty cold. Unfortunately, that's the only time I get there because I go for work and in the summer time, nobody in Montreal is working. I was able to go during the Grand Prix a few years back and it was very, very nice.

    Glad to hear that your issue with TAKEphONE is resolved.

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