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    I've searched the similar posts, and found this is quite a common problem for treo. I had this problem about a week ago, but I noticed that most of the treos are not functioned properly while doing "network search..." but I can make calls and receive calls also when my treo is doing that. Isn't that weird?

    I've also searched the Cingular forum, somebody said that it might be a misbehaved app that causes this problem, I need to double check that. anybody has the same problem?? I haven't found any solid solution to that, probably I will just run to cingular retail store... sign
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    WoW... I just did a softreset and it's back to normal. I've done SR couple of times since I had this problem, won't work, but I don't know why its working this time...
    I noticed that even though I turn the phone off ( keep the handheld on ) " network search..." is still there, it's suppose to be " phone off " and when I turned it on, the signal LED is fine, and the signal bar is there after a while just that the "network search..." is there

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