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    Hi all,

    I have a 2003 Treo 600 and the time has come to replace the battery. I plan to use PA1547 unit
    This one
    - and they seem to give excellent physical step-by-step instructions for the battery replacement.

    My question is what about the phone service itself ?

    Does the phone retain knowledge of its service 'account' with Sprint or does it 'forget' that when the old battery is completely removed? Or does it just come back to life again?

    Will I need to contact Sprint to have the phone Activated again?

    I keep a good backup of data but what about installed apps? Do you need to reinstall all those again?

    Thanks for any answers - and any proactive tips if you have been down this path before.

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    Hi enstardavid;

    With my GSM T600 I make sure that I have a fresh full Hotsync backup of all my data any time I might be disconnecting the battery. Prior to doing this Hotsync prior to taking the T600 apart I use a little utility SyncAll to ensure ALL files are backed-up by Hotsync.

    Once the battery is replaced (or in my case, reconnected) and everything reassembled, it will boot up just like it was when it was pristine, out of the box.

    I then do a Hotsync and that restores everything back to where it was at the full backup Hotsync prior to taking the T600 apart.

    BTW, the small rectangular rubber piece that will fall out when you take the phone apart belongs between the daughter card and the motherboard near the top of the phone beside the stylo silo. It's purpose is to keep the stylus snug in the silo.

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    I've done the battery replacement and did not need to do anything other than a hotsync to get all more things back as they were exactly. I also believe the phone retained the details necessary to call though I don't remember as I simply performed the hotsync as the next step after having replaced the battery and screwing back the outer cover. Good luck. It is not a complicated process but be sure to keep the screws all together. Also, the oem battery was a bit "sticky" to the bottom of the circuit board. Not glued but some adhesive was there to secure it to the circuit board. Just manipulate it side to side and it will come up. No problems.
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    Hi all,


    I am off to order the battery right now. If anything goes wrong or I can contribute anything else after the event I'll post back to this thread.

    Thanks for the quick replies.

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    this is what i did...

    Leave the phone plugged in to the wall charger.
    YOu will...

    loose signal whenyou remove the antenna...
    Observe a full charge lite when you remove the battery...
    Observe a redlight again when you install the new battery.

    Phone never turns off
    no data lost
    no problems

    piece of cake...

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    I use a program called right back up
    I keep the PRC file loaded on my webserver

    the one time my battery died, I plugged the phone in, got on the web, downloaded and installed the PRC and retrieved all my data from my SD card, took less than 5 minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgoldberg
    this is what i did...

    Leave the phone plugged in to the wall charger.

    Though you seem to have had no ill effects, it would seem to me that this was a very risky approach. Accidental contact of screwdriver to a capacitor, resistor, or even electrical lead could have had less happy results for you and your Treo.
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    why would you be using a screw driver?
    Once you open the case, I think it has been suggested that you use a plastic spoon, all you have to do is gently pull the batter lead and wiggle the battery loose. May have to use the plastic spoon again to pry it loose.

    I dont think a screw driver is necessary, but you are correct accidently contact will have ill effects, good point.
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    Anyone ever seen a Treo 600 with the battery hard wired to the main board?

    Its a GSM Treo 600...
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    yeah I just got a Palm One Treo 600 froma friend, it has an orange spot on it and he no longer wanted it. I opened it up and sure enough it looks just like your pic! It's staked to the PCB.
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    I'm getting ready for battery replacement #4 (trying to hold out for the next Palm Treo).

    Note that the POS batteries out there - all that I've tried from 1500 and larger batteries - last about 3 months - no longer.

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    I just swapped mine with a 1700mah one I got from ebay. works so far.
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    will the 600 work without a battery, just plugged into the charger?
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    yes it will

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