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    I the The core portable media player but would like to get info on movies to watch on it. Two questions, who has movies on SD cards andCan you simply pop it in and watch the movie?
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    Yes and Yes!

    I use FairUse Wizard to create an AVI file, copy it directly to the SD card from the PC (don't use the Palm installer! It'll kill you!), move the card from the PC to the Treo and, whallah!, it works! An average DVD ends up being about 200 meg for me.

    I, also, use TiVo2Palm to convert programs to AVI's from my crack... I mean... TiVo. There's a good program for automatically doing the copy from / convert to process that's still in beta and is free. Given the time the conversion process takes, I love being able to just let the PC automatically grab programs I'm interested in and do all the work during the wee hours of the night. Do a search for 'TIVO' in the forums.
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    I was looking to buy any Sd card with the movie so i could just play it. I am not that knowledgeable with this stuff. Unless I had some step by step info and needed equipment info.
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    Ronnie, I'm not sure if movies are available on SD card. Do a search for TCPMP here and you'll find some very complete directions on copying movies from a DVD using your PC (with DVD drive, of course) to the SD card.
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    I have the TCPMP on my treo and I downloaded the dvd studio, pilot installer and theXvid codes and it works great. I tried thr unregistered version to see if it works or not and I recorded 10min. of one of my dvd's and it does work and soiunds awsome. I am now going to buy the software and some 1 or 2 gig SD cards so I can have a few take along movies.
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    You can do all this yourself with 2 pieces of software, both free. DVDDycrypter will copy the contents od a DVD to your harddrive and decrypt it. Then use FlaskMPEG to resize the video and convert it to xvid. You will also need to download and install the xvid codec. A good site for info on this kind of stuff is All the software is there to download as well.

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