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    Every since installing Chatter, Butler's "Attention Grabber" doesn't work anymore. Help
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    You can try the "Default to Butler LED" setting in the System prefs.

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    I've struggled and struggled with LED and Chatter. I don't think that Checkbox really helps.

    Here's the deal: Uninstall Bulter then reinstall it. It sucks, but it's the only way I've found it to work. Also, if you decide to upgrade chatter (as upgrades do come about once a week), you'll have to reinstall bulter again. Because of that, I space out my upgrades as long as possible.

    And if you're using SMS polling, you must disable LED notification for SMS msgs in butler.
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    Is there any way to make Chatter control the LED for other functions? I mean, since it is in control of LED for emails, could i also grab attention manager so that no other program would have to get in the way? Would be a great addition
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    Thanks Gfunk,

    I got control of Butler again but it's LED is hanging up alot, I will try unistall and reinstall.

    I believe that Chatter ONLY controls the LED for it's own app.

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