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    I'm trying to re-install Goodlink 4.7 via OTA...being prompted for a Passcode...I have no idea what it might be. Any thoughts as to a workaround?
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    You need a PIN generated by your GL Admin
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    thank you. any word as to the release for the T700w? i ended up doing a hard reset and started over. thanks nonetheless.
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    4.7 can be installed on the 700W, though we are not officially supporting it. We are hearing if you lock the phone on 1xRTT, seems to address some of the issues with the radio.
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    yes, that is how i have it set up. any speculation as to when you might release the updated version?
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    No idea. Hearing End of April/Early May, but nothing concrete
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    end of april? early may? that's the sort of update the rest of us might appreciate hearing. Especially since you told us that we would be seeing it by now. Unfortunately, because you can't get Goodlink working on the 700w. Fortunately for our dozens of users Microsoft has a free solution for these phones that we will be able to use.

    I think it was a mistake not to allow more of us to test the beta solution, because it would have at least allowed us to stay on as a customer.
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    If you read the forums, there are people running GL right now on the 700 by locking the phone on 1xRTT. Bear in mind, the issues with the phone are not GL related, they are ROM related and we do not build the ROM, so we are at the whims of the carrier and manufacturer
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    As an aside, I've got quite a few customers using GL 4.7 on 700w's and nary a major issue. I've had a few complaints tha message delivery isn't quite real-time, but still rather speedy. And even then, only from one user.
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    4.8 will officially support the 700. Due in about a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    4.8 will officially support the 700. Due in about a week.
    Will 4.8 support multiple SIMs?

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