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    Hello just found this site. Pretty cool. I just purchased a treo 650 a couple of weeks ago and I'm looking for a program that would help me with my work contacts and pickups. I drive a truck and have a route I do every day and would like to keep my stops together in my treo. I use a regular daily planner book right now and keep every stop on record of how often I do them then move them up in my book every 2 or 3 weeks whatever the job calls for. Some stops I have every 3 days and some every six months. I would like to find a program that I could enter them in how often they need picked up and be able to view that day or weeks stops on one page and then have it automatically reoccure for the time I set that customer for. If anyone could help me find what I'm looking for that would be great. Thanks alot.
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    Well, there are plenty of apps out there but the first one I'd try is the native Calendar that came with the Treo. At least then you'll narrow down what specific areas you need more functionality.
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    I use TMP. Give it a look and trial. Here's the link:

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    Hey thanks for the response. I have thought about that and it would almost work but I would just like to try and find something a little better that would fit exactly what I need. For example I have a few stops that I do every Monday and Thursday and some every Monday and Friday then Wednesday of the following week and so on. You can't really set something like that up in the native calendar program that came with the treo because I did try. Thanks again.
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    Set the items up as a reoccuring appointment and that will do what you ask. If you are looking to do more on the side of journaling those items, you would want a database like program, see SmartList to go, or even use the spreadsheet abilities of documents to go for that.
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    I use Datebk5 and 2day. These are very popular and well-supported.
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    DateBk6 gets my vote. I use quite a few reoccurring events/tasks and it seems to handle them VERY well, much better than the built-in Calendar app.
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    I use Agendus 10 Pro, very convenient and I really like the PalmDesktop replacement software they have (windows only), it also works with Outlook, but I haven't tried that.
    I haven't tried the others mentionned above, so I don't know if they may be better.
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    I appreciate everyones input, I will try a couple of these and see how they work. Thanks alot!
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    I seem to like TMP more and more every day....all the stuff I want and none of the fluff I don't.

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