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    I know I have seen this on this site, but not for lack of the last 2 hrs looking cannot find ....

    how do you install an app from the card???
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    Most apps are a xxx.prc file and can be installed by just placing the .prc file on the SD card and then transferring it to internal memory -- or just run it from the SD card. I have also emailed a downloaded (to my work PC, away from my home hotsync setup) .prc file to my Treo and installed it that way.

    More sophisticated programs that have data bases and links associated would be best installed per their instructions and a hotsync.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I use an app called MyInstall (do a search). Just place .prc's into the MyInstall folder on your card then open MyInstall from launcher to install.
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    ok - I did a search

    I don't think "my install" is rhe answer to this question

    I would like clarity on this, too

    I have a bunch of apps taking up space in the internal memory - would like to move it over to my 128M SD card

    but prev attempts have frustrated me


    is it really as easy as downloading a *.prc, selecting "card" (versus "applications") and ... off to the races

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    Hi Megaphone!

    Yes, In most cases -- if the program does not have extra links required.

    1.Do you have FileZ? (Freeware file manager for the PalmOS.)
    click on download, select FileZ and download
    This program allows you to view, manage and move your files like Windows Explorer.
    Don't get too crazy -- only move what you are sure of.

    2. zLauncher is a program that allows you to move programs to the card(freeing up memory) while retaining their icons on your launcher (desktop, home) screen. Many on this forum are using it.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks all,
    I couldnt remember the proper way to 'call the file. I remembered with my 600 that in blazer you could file:\\\[filename] which would cause it to 'download' and for pcs files it would install them that way. just couldnt remember the proper command.
    for those interested I am working on the virtual Keyboard trying to get it working.... no luck thus far.

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