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    @#$@$!#! This is the second time my keys have been messed up.. i forgot which app did it the first time, but recently after uninstalling Facer (which mapped the home button to Facer), my home button no longer works the way it use to. I've tried restoring defaults in the PalmOS Prefs, but still no luck.

    The way "home" normally works is, if u hit Home, it brings up your app launcher. If you hit home AGAIN, it will cycle thru the different categories.

    After uninstalling Facer, "home" brings up the default app launcher, but it no longer cycles!!!

    (Similar to my first problem, where the Send button would bring up a menu for dialpad/last #'s o consecutive clicks, this was messed up by a different program.. i had to wipe out my treo and start all over again to fix it)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Ditto, I'm having this exact issue. How does one get the "Home" to start cycling through the catagories again?
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    You need to reinstall Facer, but this time delete it using the delivered Application Launcher's App/Delete menu selection.
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    I just did a restore from Backup Man to solve the problem. What pain in the arse Facer is...never again!!
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    What I ended up doing was going into my backup files found under C:\Program Files\palmOne\<sync account>, and deleting Backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC.

    Then I did a hard reset on my device and restored most of my stuff..
    Of course, I lost all my other settings and had to re-register a number of apps, etc ..

    I guess I should look into using backup-apps next time ...

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