Hi everyone,

I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere in the forums. I searched for what I thought might be the correct keywords but came up with nothing.

That said, here is the situation:

I have a Cingular-branded, unlocked Treo 650 that I am using sucessfully with T-Mobile phone service and T-Zones data service.

I have VersaMail set up to access my Gmail account, and am having no problems.

I wished to set up VersaMail to access my work email as well (Lotus Notes-based), but was told by my IS department that the company does not support POP access for non-company handhelds.

The company has a webmail interface set up which I frequently access when I am out of the office to keep up with my messages.

If I access this website with Blazer, I can log in and read all messages just fine; however, the webmail site uses a java applet to display the Compose, Reply, Reply All, etc. buttons that I would need to navigate. This means I can read my messages, but cannot reply or forward them.

I tried accessing the webmail site using mail2web.com/pda, but it's almost as if pulls very outdated information from the system, because, for example, documents I deleted early this morning still appear in the listing. In addition, only a small fraction of my total messages appears as available.

Why is this?

The more important question, however, is if there is some application, some other browser, something I can do to be enable the java buttons to load on the company webmail site.

I have tinkered with xiino, which would not load the webmail site, and opera mini, which consistently causes my treo to freeze during the set-up phase.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks & Best Regards,