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    E-mail said "Test Out this PalmOne Treo and Keep It"

    Not interested meself (Sprint model shown in picture but who knows) but anyone who wnats to test out a prouct (or 2 or 17) might feel like it's worh pursuing.
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    If it sounds too good to be true. . .
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    ^ This is a lame marketing scheme geared at getting you to try (while buying) various items, which usually ends up costing MUCH more than actually buying the end-product (in this case a Treo) out of pocket.

    If you look at the "Requirements" section on the page mentioned about number 3 reads "Sample trial incentive offers." These "incentive offers" you actually end up buying.

    BIG buyer beware!
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    Perhaps I should been stronger as "scam" is often the word tied to these marketing schemes and more often than not appropriately so. They usually do involve a significant time and / or money investment but some desperate to own a Treo may find it worthwhile...I am just not one of em.

    Some I have seen in the past for example require you to fill out an application for a credit card. You qualify for the credit when you charge something on the card. So this really doesn't cost you money if you would have just bought the groceries ona diffferent card.....assuming of course that the card doesn't have a yearly fee. Others require you to try a certain brand of product.....say does cost money but yu would spend that money on ya regular brand anyway.....unless of course your youngest is 16. But I imagine that before you complete ya 6 offers of whatever you gonna buy at least one thing ya didn't really want or need.

    My wife jumps into these things now and then ... just got "March of the Penguins" as a freebie for filling out a 5 minute questionaire. But the best thing that can be said about these offers is "know what you are getting into and read the fine print".

    What was curious about this one is the e-mail said your only committment was to test out the Treo.....but then we were gonna be outtq Iraq in 6 months and it was gonna cost a total of 1.7 billion dollars . I didn't feel like digging thru page after page of terms and conditions to figure it all out.

    My biggest beef is ya can't see before starting the registration process what ya committments are.
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    This is the same thing as those free ipod offers (which are true BTW, I have gotten 2 myself) If someone GAVE you this link, it does have their referral attached to it. I never heard of this company. I would try Gratis/Freepay better, they have been on every national news channel and talk shows and I know at least 8 people personally that have gotten free stuff from them in the past few years just like I have so I know its legitimate.

    This company here looks like its trying to follow the coattails of some of the other free stuff sites...

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