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    I did an OTA upgrade to Beta version 1.1.5rc12 (I had been running the previous Beta version with no problems) and now I've run in to a problem! When I try to start Chattermail, I get a message flashed up and Chattermail shuts down. The message says:
    "Connection invalid; IMBox instead of Summary; shutting down."
    Any ideas on how to fix that?

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    Hrm, that's not good. I would reinstall from scratch if it's not too much trouble (i.e. remove completely, reinstall, and rebuild mailbox(es).

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    I ran into that once when I had a crash and had to hard reset, it happened to me cause I changed the mailbox names to something different than the last hotsync. That's what I had to do was take Chatter of completly and remove it from the hotsync folder and reinstall Chatter.
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    Ok, I'll delete it using FilePoint; should I reinstall the Beta or the Full version, or does it matter?
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    I would use the Beta.

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    Ok, I reinstalled it from scratch. It took a little while because I forward 3 POP mailboxes to Fastmail, and I had to "remember" how to set them up for syncing in Chattermail. But they all seem to be working now! Well, except for the root Fastmail Inbox. For some reason, the messages in that mailbox are not appearing on my Treo! Thanks for your help!

    So is there any difference between using Fastmail and to sync to?

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    No difference as far as functionality. If you're having a problem with a mailbox, you could make me a log (instructions in the FAQ at


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