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    Never heard of FileProg before....just found it on "Treonauts Top 100 Treo Apps"

    Just figured I'd point it out to peeps. Reveiwers seem to think it has it all over FileZ...will let ya know in few days.
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    been using file prog right along...better in my opinion.
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    Both are good. FileZ is for the N00bie to Palms and file managers. Learning it doesn't take too long.

    FileProg is for the power-user. Enuf said.
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    The big question is, is it better than Resco Explorer
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    It's free. That alone would make it better than Explorer to some folks.
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    I use both. FileProg lets me delete stuff FileZ won't.
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    I did the trial for Resco Explorer and deleted it before it was up.....let ya know how I feel about this one in a few days.
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    I use Flieprog most of the time, but FileZ is good for a few tasks so it lives on my SD Card.

    I also use 3XCommander, which can sometimes offer a better way of doing something.

    All three are freeware and so with their different features earn a place on my SD Card
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azazello
    FileProg is for the power-user..
    USer Guide or ReadMe would been helpful....didn't get much from included text file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    USer Guide or ReadMe would been helpful....didn't get much from included text file.
    Which means you're what kind of user???

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    I am the Office IT Manager kind of user. I live by documentation. Text file only addressed specific features and left others out.....seems rather wasteful and presumptuous to make one experiment their way thru a program.

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