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    Now all I need to know if the custom prescription lenses can be polarized and made "light sensitive" for indoor and outdoor usage.
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    I like these, but I have one question. Can you pair multiple headsets with the Treo? Meaning, while outside or in car, I'd like my calls to be taken on the Oakly. In office or indoors, I'd want my Plantronics 510 to recieve the calls. Or would I need to repair each device every time I switch? Seems like a pain in the arse to me.
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    Not absolutely sure but I would imagine that it will pickup whichever one is "on". If you leave one in the car and one in th office should be OK.

    I'd go for the Oakley's if you could switch lenses. I like my orange tinted for trail riding, dark polarized for daylight conditions and light for indoors.

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